Mechanical stress scanner «STRESSVISION»

The mechanical stress indicator “STRESSVISION” is designed to measure, evaluate and visualize the fields of residual mechanical stresses of ferromagnetic steels.
The equipment belongs to the class of electromagnetic magnetoanisotropic mechanical stress sensors. The principle of operation is based on the use of the magnetoelastic effect, which refers to the property of ferromagnetic materials to change the magnetic state under the influence of mechanical stresses. The measurement operation is carried out using a contact manual scan.
The measurement results are proportional to the difference in basic mechanical stresses (DPMS).

«STRESSVISION» solves the complex task:

  • Three-dimensional and two-dimensional layer-by-layer visualization of field of the mechanical stresses of the object of inspection according to the results of measurements in the form of maps of DPMS;
  • Determining the existence and conditions of the development of destruction process object’s under inspection;
  • Search and identify critical and incipient indications create a concentration of mechanical stresses (CMS) upto depth of 25 mm;
  • Monitor of residual mechanical stresses at different stages of technological processes, including welding, like residual stresses after and before heat treatment etc;
  • Monitoring and measuring residual stresses.

Typical objects of inspection:

  • Welded joints and base metal structures;
  • Pipelines, large diameter pipes, compressor stations, dust
  • Pressure vessels, reservoirs and storage tanks;
  • Building and bridge structures, beams, columns;
  • Items of a railway transportation (rails, wheel pairs, carriage
    frames etc.);
  • Lifting and transport equipment;
  • Ship structures (Hull etc.);
  • Nuclear industry (pipes heat exchangers, steam generators etc.);
  • Other metallurgical structures.

Features and specifications of the device:

  • Measurements are performed at the nodes (point) of a rectangular grid marked on the object of inspection;
  • The measurement time is 1 sec at one point grid;
  • Step scan from 1 to 250 mm;
  • No dangerous radiation;
  • Technical support for 1 year from the date of shipping;
  • No need to clean surface, no couplant;
  • The positioning of the probe on a flat surface, or a radius of curvature 40 mm minimum;
  • Scan is possible through the insulation layer upto 4 mm gap;
  • The measurement possible during the technological process;
  • The nonvolatile memory is 80 000 measurements (more than 30 days of continuous operation);
  • Operating temperature range from -10oС to +55оС;
  • Dimensions 220х205х80 mm;
  • Weight of the device 1.2 kg;
  • PC connection via USB cable. No need to install drivers;
  • The power supply system from 5 standard AA batteries;
  • The device comes with water-, dust-, shockproof case;
  • Includes carrying case for the device operation in the field.

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